Monday, December 24, 2012

K. Shanmmukha Sundaram B.Sc.,F.C.A. From Noida

Step 1 Postal ballots received on time will be verified counted that is over  1107
Step 2  Open all the boxes from various booths – tally boothwise for the number of votes polled with the poling officers note and arrive valid polled votes in booths
Step 3  Add Valid Polled Votes in Booth + Valid Postal Votes
Fourth step is to find the quota.
Bangalore Boxes opened tallied

Chennai opening and tallying is being done

Hyderabad is in the process of opening

Then Coimbatore and Cochin will be considered.

Then all other booths boxes will be taken up
Total of 125 booth boxes to be opened and tallied.

After tallying the 125 booths votes polled, valid votes 
polled will be added with valid postal votes and quota is arrived.

Then after fixing the quota counting will start .

First count outcome we may expect tomorrow evening 
which may vary according to the staff strength and working time.

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